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transport and logistics

Software transporte

Workflow Software
and logistics

Software transporte

Workflow Software
and logistics

Logistic managers, shippings, heavy transport, international transport, controled temperature transport.

Transport and Logistics

Logistics are vital for most today companies.

Two main daily challenges of logistics and transport companies are the high subcontracting level and the cricical customer impact of deadlines compliance. Process control and optimization are the key for

Work&Track Mobile is the perfect tool for optimizing complex processes involving routes and tasks, enabling transport and logistics companies to boost customer satisfaction ensuring deadline compliance.

  • Place your customer in the center of your business processes: keep him always updated about merchandise status.
  • Boost your drivers’ productivity with route optimization, real time incidence management and on-the-road reporting.
  • Cut wasted times along the whole process switching to a paper-less&phone call-less culture.
  • Complete integration with Work&Track Fleet GPS, the Fleet GPS Fleet Management System.

Work&Track Mobile offers you:

  • Unified subcontracted transports planning and management.
  • Route optimization and tracking.
  • Universal process management: pick-ups, deliveries, goods swap, drivers swap, insurances, etc.
  • Allow your customers to decide their delivery windows.
  • Digital documentation and delivery notes to reach billing ASAP.
  • Intelligent services and emergencies dispatch.
  • Dynamic forms and processes to gather and organize all your activity details.
  • Real-time incidence tracking and resolution.
  • Possibility of developing customer apps.

The platform scalability has no limits, making this tool perfect for growing companies.


The Best Transport Management System with mobile report for your company

The TMS system consists of:

web platform for transportation management, optimization and planning. It works for all kind of vehicles and goods.

And a mobile app for dispatching route orders to drivers and deliverymen. It allows them to receive delivery receipts and real-time information on the status of each service.

Work&Track Mobile

The most complete app

  100% flexible platform that adapts to your needs.

   Drivers Management, whether they are their own or subcontracted.

  Planning, management and route optimization. Punctuality in loads, deliveries and collections.

  Intelligent dispatch of route orders. Design your own forms.

  Control and management of deliveries and collections, en-route alerts, changes of goods, etc.

   Real-time view of the status of each service: Parcel traceability, merchandise, orders, references, routes and vehicles.

   Exporting reports in multiple formats: PDF, HTML, XLSX or text.

   Secure courier in real-time.

   Free upgrade of the software.

  Full integration with your company´s systems and with Work&Track fleet GPS, our fleet management system.

   Scalable and adaptable to future changes. Perfect tool for growing or expanding companies.

   Offline work capacity / without signal.

   Ideal for optimizing last Mile delivery.

   Optional: Client application development.

The mobile application that helps

your drivers to:

  • Deliver and collect on time

    The app Work&Track Mobile has a  GPS navigator with built-in planned routes. Guide your drivers from the office, change their course by sending the new destination directly to the browser reducing journey times.

  • Send proof of delivery instantly

     and all the information of the service performed.

  • Report incidents on the road

    for the transportation manager to work on the resolution process.

  • Receive routes, work orders and messages

    Communication with your staff on the road is very important when optimizing delivery time of the merchandise and obtaining greater productivity. >> See more.

  • Scan codes

    QR, barcodes, documentation, delivery notes, etc. Know in real time the package traceability, orders, references, routes and vehicles. Advance billing. >> See more.

  • Work even offline

     anywhere and with any device. Data is never lost, the system works offline and synchronizes information when connection is restored.

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