How to boost operational efficiency in works supervision?

How to boost operational efficiency in works supervision?

How to boost operational efficiency in works supervision?

Process mobilisation has ushered in a new era of driving operational efficiency in site supervision. There are three main arguments that most companies in the construction industry find differentiating when engaging the services of a process mobilisation software company to supervise construction sites:

  1. Construction is a productive sector where process mobilisation is easily applicable in all site supervision processes.
  2. Digitising on-site reporting means working with quality, allowing communication to flow between workers and site managers.
  3. A single platform to control and supervise all field work performed by site managers, workers, outsourcers and external partners on site.

Therefore, we are faced with the best prepared tool for the evolution of the sector, because in addition to increasing the performance of the work, it is scalable and can be integrated into other works management systems such as ERPs, which lack specific functionalities necessary for field technicians to report their works supervision.

Keep control of all the processes carried out on the site

The mobilisation of processes accelerates the speed with which works supervision is executed and at the same time reduces costs, speeds up deadlines and minimises errors in the transfer of information flows.

Given the versatility of new digital technologies and the advancement of new working methods, the construction sector has been added to the list of sectors with the greatest digitising potential. Process mobilisation has arrived to offer mobility solutions, as the most efficient technology to carry out works supervision.

What can process mobilisation software do in works supervision?

Reporting what training has been carried out by personnel, creating and exporting documents with digital signature and certificate, quality controls, technical inspections, audits and certifications, carrying out the standardisation of work, controlling the work carried out by outsourcers or generating maintenance processes and carrying them out with forms and checklists, are examples of processes that can be carried out from a process mobilisation platform.

Site managers use the Work&Track Mobile works supervision software to keep track of the work carried out on site and communicate workflows between their site managers. They, in turn, assign work orders to personnel according to location, availability, category and speciality, and once the work has been carried out from the forms, the report is passed on to the site managers.

A methodology applicable to any construction reporting process

This way, you will know what is being done and how the work is organised, simplifying the whole process in a single platform for those jobs that involve work in the field, with the advantage of customising the programme, both in its mobile and desktop versions:

  • Create work orders.
  • View all work details.
  • Establish a filter of pending reports.
  • Import files, reports and documents.
  • Manage anomalies and incidents.
  • Grant management permissions to users.
  • Know the location of workers.
  • Use work forms and task checklists.
  • Edit work data, attach notes, cancel, finalise, update and allocate works.
  • Telesupervise works.
  • Integrate FSM with other ERP systems.
  • Assign work orders.
  • Configure processes and schedule tasks.

Empower the works in the field! Mobilise information flows and forget about unnecessary paperwork!





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