Work&Track Mobile, a workflow app software that improves business productivity

Work&Track Mobile, a workflow app software that improves business productivity

A workflow app software that allows teams to coordinate, while performing their field operations, in a simple and effective way, through mobile devices and in real time.

We know that companies with technical field services are under extraordinary pressure to exceed the demand of their customers, and that is why they invest their efforts in promoting quality technical service in a more and more competitive sector.

The solution that improves technical service quality, productivity and consequently customer satisfaction is a workflow app software that facilitates process optimization, reducing unnecessary paperwork and delivery times, improving communication and increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty levels.

Companies need fast tools that provide real-time solutions

Work&Track Mobile in this aspect, is a Field Service Management tool that can be customized and that allows to give a proactive, fast and flexible approach to the processes of the company. Responding to the needs of a business environment in full digital transformation.

Fortunately for companies, the Work&Track Mobile app provides support using digital field service management, unifying all tools into one, to simplify daily work and increase customer satisfaction. The advantages of a field service software like this one, frees up time and allows to prioritize in higher value jobs for your workers, like:

  • Unify task planning and status.
  • User management.
  • The design of task forms and their processes.
  • On-screen signature, whether at pickup or delivery.
  • Barcode reading.
  • File uploading.
  • Integration with third party systems.
  • Integrated two-way communication chat.
  • Control of the working day and any personalized document you can imagine.

Mobile applications allow easy and efficient management of any company’s technical field services

In an increasingly highly competitive business sector, where jobs are constantly changing and unexpected circumstances occur, where the only way to manage these changes efficiently is to produce clear and continuous communication, mobile applications have been developed to suit all production sectors. Managing communication with technical field staff better and better simplifies communication and optimizes daily work by providing an easy-to-use visual management tool that integrates the execution processes in real time while on the move.

Automation can range from planning to route optimization, and that’s where the flexibility of a tool like Work&Track Mobile makes the difference. Adapting to this workflow application software as a technological solution is simple, because it can be used both by a small mobile team of two field workers and by a large company with dozens of staff, simplifying work and increasing productivity.

Get on the road to digital transformation. Embrace the change with the latest technology solution for computerized management of field services… choose Work&Track Mobile, a software with mobile application that manages field services.





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