Telecom technical services software

Telecom technical services software

Telecom technical services software has arrived to solve the new challenge for companies in the telecommunications sector; adapting to consumers, automating workflows and simplifying processes.

The telecommunications industry is changing faster than ever. The increasing proliferation of competitors is forcing operators to consider new ways to be relevant to the end customer, requiring a much more productive and better quality field support service.

Technologies such as 5G, mobile applications, the Internet of Things or process automation are some of the solutions that are being implemented in the area of technical services operations, with a high level of technological evolution and service diversification.

SMEs and telecom technical services companies have already opted for service software with a mobile app. It is time to strengthen out-of-office technical services, their task planning and the all-important route optimization.

Spending less time and effort on processes with efficient technology in fiber optic deployments, cabling and maintenance of telecommunications infrastructures is becoming a reality to carry out a large number of operations.

How can a Telecom Field Service software help you?

A field service software for telecom asset installation and maintenance companies will allow to organize and optimize the actions performed outside the office, on the road or while the services are being performed in the simplest way.

The field service software can help you to support projects where process management has a major impact on your activity. The versatility and scalability of the field service system makes it possible to configure processes specific to the Telecom sector:

  • Incident management and/or compliance with SLAs (Service Level Agreements).
  • Customization of activity reports.
  • Control and follow-up of external services.
  • Monitoring the availability of installation technicians to meet customer demand.
  • Incident management, breakdowns, preventive or scheduled maintenance.
  • Installation certification processes according to installation standards.
  • Fiber optic network installation processes.
  • Mobile technical support in asset configuration.
  • Maintenance planning for equipment with mobility and remote work requirements.
  • Creation of field reports for the resolution of technical services incidents.
  • Processes of installation and maintenance of equipment, telephone and internet peripherals.

In short, a field service software provides the IT solution to process management, necessary to be able to detect anomalies in the planning of visits by network installers, improve efficiency and process management, saving time and money.

It is an effective tool that reflects the actions that are carried out in real time: the location of the technical field services and the optimization of their routes automatically, to arrive in less time, reduce vehicle consumption and generate less environmental impact.

A geolocation software with field service management is capable of monitoring equipment remotely, assigning and recording work shifts and providing a comprehensive view of the status of service orders adapted to the Telecom sector.

With Work&Track Mobile you can…

The development of mobile applications for network installers and maintenance technicians continues to gain ground. Improving internal processes with customized software and app technology solutions in companies in the telecommunications sector.

The Work&Track Mobile field service app for network technicians, telecommunications professionals, is an application in which they can receive, in real time, the tasks they have to perform and report or execute them as they arrive:

  • More priority tasks or closer tasks, efficiently and directly from the smart phone or tablet.
  • Plan maintenance routes and map them with those of the rest of the team.
  • Chat integrated in the application for technical support.
  • Scheduled tasks and forms to automatically keep track of task status.
  • Integrated GPS navigator.
  • On-screen signature, code reading, file upload to facilitate activity reporting.
  • Control of working hours.
  • Real-time document personalization.

The field service coordinator’s role in field service management makes it possible to dispatch multiple service orders to field technicians simultaneously, and can also be part of a company’s continuous improvement process by adjusting or configuring the necessary processes on demand.

Mobility in the operational management of a company requires specific solutions that ensure the provision of a quality service for field management, network technicians and telecommunications services.





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